Identification and Family”

17 – 19 October 2014, Kyiv

 We invite everyone to participate in the Congress who are in their work helping children professionally to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Who is next to them in the way of growing up and becoming self-sufficient individual.

 Your participation is important for us because the value of knowledge consists in the fact that they will be highlighted at the congress and heard by you. And, therefore, you will contribute to every family TODAY!

 This event will be the most significant event in Ukraine in 2014, which aims to attract global attention to the values of family, child’s priority as a complete person in the structure of the state. To add framework legislation, which will be aimed to the prevention and warning of various types of diseases, from early childhood to the period of a creation of family.

 We look at the topic “Child in the context of identity” from different perspectives: philosophy, medicine, genetics, bio-energy, psychology, public policy, sociology, culture, religion and business.

                                               Tasks of the Congress:

 To combine experts of various spheres of science and practice (therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, geneticists, teachers, social workers, politicians, church leaders) around the future of our country.

 To develop the conception of psychological care and psychotherapy of children, teenagers and youth, which consists of three components: prevention, providing specialized psychological and psychological care on the earliest stages of personality deficits and a system of medical and psycho-social rehabilitation

 To develop the techniques comprehensive approach to mental, psychological and physical health of the child, his education, professional training, employment, social security and other aspects of the life.

 This event is particularly important for the formation of healthy lifestyles of Ukrainian nation.

 During three days of the Congress you will be able to act as speaker of the topic that is related to the focus of Congress “Identification child in the family”.

 You can highlight your scientific work and research in medicine, psychology, psychiatry and pedagogy. You can share  your clinical experiences, conduct master classes of  your subject. You will communicate with the world-class professionals, participating in roundtables.

 We will create a space of trust, respect, equality and acceptance of different views and approaches to solving single problem – to help every child to be happy.

 You will find interesting topics, meeting with the “legends” in the sphere of psychology and amazing discoveries.


The cost of participation in the Congress (Oct. 17, 18, 19):

  • Rregistration fee for participation in Congress – 600 UAH (40)
  • The cost for students – 200 UAH (15)
  • The cost of the prix fixe (cafe in “Ukrainian House”) – 30 UAH (2€)


Congress Venue:

First day of Congress will be held in Ukrainian House; adress: Kyiv, str. Kreshchatik, 2 (European Square).

Second and third days of Congress – Institute of Philosophy of GS Skovorody. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Adress: Kyiv, str. Triohsvyatitelskaya, 4 (nearest metro station “Maydan Nezalezhnosti”, come out of underpass to the House of Trade Unions, going to Ukrainian House on the European Square, turn right on the street Triohsvyatitelskaya)